The iDNA-ABT stand-alone program Download

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  iDNA-ABT is ONLY freely available for academic research. And for commercial usage, please contact us.

  Download: Please download datasets by clicking the link below:

Current Release: iDNA-ABT 1.0
Cross Platform Require pytorch Java 1.8 IntelliJ IDEA
The DNA methylation sites sequences:
4mC Dataset 4mC_C.equisetifolia; 4mC_F.vesca; 4mC_S.cerevisiae; 4mC_Tolypocladium
5hmC Dataset 5hmC_H.sapiens; 5hmC_M.musculus
6mA Dataset 6mA_A.thaliana; 6mA_C.elegans; 6mA_C.equisetifolia; 6mA_D.melanogaster; 6mA_F.vesca; 6mA_H.sapiens; 6mA_R.chinensis; 6mA_S.cerevisiae; 6mA_T.thermophile; 6mA_Tolypocladium; 6mA_Xoc BLS256
Features and Models:
The iDNA_ABT models can be downloaded from Github. Note that the model in this study is implemented in pytorch.